About logi-Cloud

logi-Cloud is WMS-centric Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built for the modern logistic operation and business needs.

Leveraging the characteristics and power of “Cloud”, plus logi-Cloud is friendly to SME segment where companies are facing challenges from revolutionary changing trends; demanding for quick and lean solutions; while lacking of IT resource on another hand.

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Lego-Liked Solution

Various modules, supplementaries and plug-ins are also available in logi-Cloud. Therefore you will always be able to select module/s to form a solution that fit your current needs; while at the same time, future expansion and scaling-up readiness are all maintained for free.

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logi-Cloud was firstly launched at 2013, after a 3-year R&D on a promising yet secured platform, and the Lego-ability.

logi-Cloud 2.0 was launched at 2017 with new face and a long list of improvement.


About the operator - 3PL-TOTAL TECHNOLOGY (HK) LTD

With a solid foundation since 2006, the company was officially formed at 2009 with unchanged mission and vision towards modern supply chain technology and demand changes.

Since day-one, the company keeps working on software and solution for Warehouse & Distribution segment; with a strong belief that quality, expertise and experience should alland only be built on dedication and focus.

3PL-TOTAL develops and runs logi-Cloud.

Besides SaaS offer, 3PL-TOTAL is also offering On-Premises Software and Implementation Services for Mid-or-above ranged corporates. Traditional model, but modern and robust technologies within.

General Contacts

Email: inquiry@logi-cloud.com
Tel: +852 2699 9920
1901, Winning Centre,
29 Tai Yau Street San Po Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R. China

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